Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

Bik Capital

Who are We?

We are a stock brokerage firm licensed by Capital Markets Authority of Uganda (CMA) to provide a unique Investment platform allowing for the public to invest in Government Securities (Treasury bills and bonds) and other structured products through ALTX East Africa a securities exchange.


What do we do?

We help customers understand Investment opportunities available for them to grow their capital such as Government securities and their benefits.

Why BIK?

Unlike other stockbrokers, BIK provides a unique investment platform for both regional and local securities and selected equities with an aim to provide the most sound and comprehensive financial advice, structured products and investment platforms.

We serve as a go-between for buyers and sellers on the stock market enabling our clients to purchase stocks, bonds, and other securities from the exchange.

We provide a trading platform in which our clients can view their investments, allowing them to buy and sell according to their investment interests and plans.

We offer financial advice that creates an investment plan best suited for clients’ financial goals.

Some of the Brokers

Bik Capital