Friday, 21 June, 2024


Listing on ALTX

Unique products tailored to the needs of local investors.

ALTX aims to build on our strong track record as an investment location that drives innovative product development.

ALTX is an investor focused platform and our listings respond to the needs and preferences expressed by our users. We work with issuers to ensure our listings offer variety, and frequently enhance the diversity, quantity and quality of investment options available to local retail investors.

The exchange then facilitates simplified transactions between our issuers and investors in one convenient location. Through our platform, both sides benefit and the economy as a whole is strengthened.

Listing structured securities

ALTX has successfully listed several structured securities that have revolutionised the products available on the Ugandan market.

Depository Receipts

The ALTX Treasury Debt Depository Receipt (DR) Program introduced a brand new asset class to the market. Alongside this, the DR program has several achievements.

  • Uganda Treasury Debt Depository Receipts
    • Brought the minimum investment down from UGX 100,000 to UGX 10,000
    • Added over 30 new securities to the market
  • Kenya Treasury Debt Depository Receipts
    • The first time in East Africa that Treasury Debt was available to trade on an exchange outside its country of issue.
    • Enabled seamless investments in Uganda shillings in a Kenya shilling denominated product

Exchange Traded Funds

Working with Tolea Securities Limited, the ALTX market listed the first ever Treasury Debt Exchange Traded Fund (The Tolea ETF) available in Uganda. The ETF showed offered strong returns, growing over 13% in just the first 6 months.

Global Equities

The Global Equities Depository Receipt Prospectus has also been approved and registered. This will allow Ugandan investors to directly global stocks and hold them right here in Uganda. This is a further trailblazing product innovation only possible on the ALTX platform.

ALTX is happy to work with local and global issuers to list even more ground-breaking investment products. If you would like to offer structured securities on our growing market, kindly contact us at to  receive a copy of the ALTX Securities Rulebook v2.0 and guidance on the next steps.

Listing companies

On ALTX you can list on one of our two market segments:


The ALTX Main Market hosts large well established companies seeking to raise capital from the public. ALTX is uniquely positioned to attract a wide range of investors with an investment minimum of UGX 10,000.


Growth companies are smaller, perhaps newer but extremely promising entities that are on a clear upwards trajectory. Whether generating significant cash flows at a faster rate than the rest of the economy, or simply presenting lucrative reinvestment opportunities for retained earnings, growth companies are a promising option for those investors willing to take a chance. In turn, the growth company earns the opportunity to exploit its advantaged position to reach even greater heights.

The ALTX Growth Rules seek to identify promising companies. A company that meets the test requirements qualifies to list on the Growth Market and benefit from the wide range of investors ALTX has brought together. A company may exceed these requirements in which case it will then qualify to list on the ALTX Main Market.



In order to list on either market segment, companies must meet the listing requirements set out in the ALTX Securities Rules v2.0, Book 1 and Book 3. These can be provided to interested companies upon request via email to ALTX will assist potential issuers to administer the test.