Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

Direct Market Access​

Your investments, on your terms.

With our Direct Market Access capabilities, anyone can view the market, trade, and fully access the exchange by themselves.

No brokers. No paperwork. No travel.

Direct Market Access (DMA) means you have total control over your investment account.

DMA allows investors to place orders and transact on the market by themselves, without the need for a broker.

DMA also means:

  • Online account opening for individuals who choose DMA
  • Fund your investment account at your convenience from your mobile wallet.
  • Place orders on the go with our mobile investment app or USSD investment platform.

Who should choose Direct Market Access?

Any individuals planning to invest their personal funds can choose to access the market directly.

Companies, investment clubs and other groups are advised to select a broker to manage their account.

How do I invest without a broker?

ALTX provides electronic access to the market to all investors so investments can be made on our online or mobile investment platforms.

Transparent information on all the investment options is available on the online and mobile investment platforms so you can choose what products work best for you.

Take charge of your investments with Direct Market Access, only on ALTX.