Friday, 19 April, 2024

Altx Brokers

A range of brokers are available on ALTX to support investors in placing orders, advising on investments and managing their accounts.

What is a broker?

A broker is a professional person or company that buys and sells on the securities exchange for you, based on your orders. If you choose a broker, they access the market on your behalf.

  • Brokers may also give you investment advice if licensed to do so.
  • Brokers charge a fee or commission for providing their services.
  • In Uganda, a broker is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority.

Why should I have a broker?

We recommend that investment clubs, companies, and institutions looking to open a corporate account pick a broker to assist in the management of their account.

Individuals who would like to have their accounts managed on their behalf, receive investment advice and more, may also choose to have a broker.

What is the cost?

Brokered clients are charged 2.1% on the total transaction amount versus 1.5% for unbrokered (DMA) clients. For more details on fees, please see our fee guide.

How should I choose an investment broker?

In order to choose a broker for your securities investment, research the brokers approved by the exchange you wish to invest on. Reach out to the available brokers and discuss your particular financial goals and needs. After hearing them out, select the broker you feel best meets your requirements.

All approved brokers are well qualified to manage your investment account, simply go with the option that you believe suits you best.

Some of the Brokers

Bik Capital