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Corporate Accounts

Professional Investments Simplified.

Groups, companies, investment funds or other such legally registered entities are free to open investment accounts on ALTX.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Investment Account?

Online account statement

MyALTX, our online account statement allows for simplified management and due diligence. The online portal provides transparent access to all account activity including any transactions and payments earned. This minimizes the paperwork and headaches involved in properly managing your investments.


Corporate accounts are brokered which means you will have personalized account management and investment advice. While you have full access to our online and mobile systems, brokers may assist you to place orders on the ALTX market which further minimizes your management

Equal access

Corporate account holders have the same transparent access to the market as all other account holders. This results in a transparent and vibrant market.

Balanced Portfolio

The ALTX market offers unique products not available on any other exchange or financial service across East Africa. The range of options available enable corporate account holders to create a robust investment an investment portfolio with a variety of securities offering a range of benefits and returns. Investors may choose to:

Invest in Uganda Government bonds for:

  • Low-risk investment, meaning it is very unlikely to lose the funds you put in.
  • Interest paid in two installments per year.

Invest in Kenya Government Bonds for:

  • Geographic diversification of your holdings, to reduce the risk in your investments.
  • A simple and affordable process as they are offered in Uganda shillings on ALTX.

Invest in the Tolea Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for

  • A stress-free investment – you do not have to choose a bond, the ETF does it for you, and automatically reinvests interest payments to grow the value of your holdings.
  • Sell whenever you are ready to withdraw your funds.

What are the requirements to open a Corporate Investment Account?

Download and fill in this application form. Once filled, email the form to us and attach the required supporting documents in order for the account to be opened.

The required documentation includes:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Form 7
  • Personal information of two company representatives/signatories (ID, passport photos etc.)

Companies and groups will require a broker to manage their account. You may learn more about the authorized ALTX brokers here.

Please note that we currently only support investments in Uganda Shillings.

For more information get in touch with us via email at

Registered investment clubs, companies and institutions may also operate investment accounts on ALTX.