Friday, 21 June, 2024

Individual accounts

Investing in securities is a tried and tested means of growing your wealth and it is never too late (or too early) to start.

ALTX offers individuals over the age of 18 with a valid ID, the opportunity to open a securities investment account and instantly begin their wealth building journey.

An ALTX investment account gives you access to innovative products, at a low cost and through whatever touchpoint you find most convenient, whether that is on mobile or web.

What can I do with my securities investment account?


Why stick to the same old?

ALTX has listed several unique securities to provide you with the options and variety to build a strong investment portfolio. With your new investment account, you have access to all the right products to meet your goals. Whether that is diversification, regular payments or simply growing your savings.

Invest in Uganda government bonds for:

  • Low-risk investment, meaning it is very unlikely to lose the funds you put in.
  • Interest paid in two installments per year.

Invest in Kenya Government Bonds for:

  • Geographic diversification of your holdings, to reduce the risk in your investments.
  • A simple and affordable process as they are offered in Uganda shillings on ALTX.

Invest in the Tolea Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for

  • A stress-free investment – you do not have to choose a bond, the ETF does it for you, and automatically reinvests interest payments to grow the value of your holdings.
  • Sell whenever you are ready to withdraw your funds.



The power is in your hands.

With Direct Market Access, you do not need a middle man to achieve your goals. No phone calls, no missed emails, no stress. Just on the go investment that fits easily into your day.

All ALTX investor accounts have access to our online and mobile touchpoints:

ALTX Mobi  – The first Mobile investment app in Uganda.

uTrade – Online investment portal.

Zaabu – USSD based investment service.

Choose what works for you!

How do I open an investment account?

ALTX revolutionized the securities account opening process by offering a fully online process.

Visit our online account opening form

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.”