Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

Our Story

ALTX makes investment a seamless part of your everyday.

ALTX is creating widely available, affordable and easily accessible investment opportunities for all.

Through unrivaled technological and product innovation, we aim to empower 100 million new retail investors to become knowledgeable, active and confident market participants.

ALTX is innovation

ALTX East Africa approval (Mar)
ALTX Clearing LTD Licensed (Aug)
ALTX launches MyALTX Platform and investor self-service by PC (Jun)
ALTX Launches Ting white Label App (June)
ALTX signs with Global Custodian Standard Chartered
ALTX issuance of Kenya Debt securities approved (Dec)
ALTX launches Zaabu on MTN (June).
ALTX Product Rules approved (June)
ALTX Official Launch (Jul)
ALTX launches COMAS (September)
ALTX Launches ALTX Mobi for Investor self service by smartphone (Dec)
ALTX ETF issuance approved (Oct)
Tolea introduces ETF and ALTX introduces Kenya DR(Apr)

Meet The Founders

Joseph Kitamirike


Joseph spent several years at the highest levels of the traditional securities market which he found to be rigid, and inhospitable to innovation. This made investment inaccessible to the people who needed it the most. Combining an awareness of the possibilities offered by technology and the financial know-how, Joseph set out to change the investment landscape.

Jatin Jivram


JD brings a deep passion for financial inclusion and keeps a clear eye on our core mission; creating a broad securities market that offers anyone, regardless of their financial means, knowledge or access, the opportunity to grow their wealth. Focused on marketing, JD is leading the teams ambition to reach out to as many potential investors as possible

The ALTX dream is a broad, vibrant market for all of us.

Technology that works

Fit investment into your life, not the other way around. We remain at the cutting edge of innovation and continually develop features that mean something to investors. On the go account access, mobile wallet fund transfers, instant settlements and more are all powered by custom built technology that is secure and reliable.

Investor Education

The confidence to invest can only be gained with knowledge. By providing free, open access to custom content based on the experiences of our investors, ALTX ensures potential investors are adequately prepared to participate in the market. One of the greatest obstacles to investment has been a simple lack of information on products, processes and opportunities. Now, anyone with any level of interest can find the answers and support they need on our web and mobile platforms.

Investor Focus

An investment experience like no other. Creating the right products, offering convenient platforms, and providing simplified self-service all ensure you have the investment experience you deserve.

ALTX Companies

ALTX Africa Group

The ALTX Africa Group is building a set of interconnected exchanges which will revolutionize the investment experience for both issuers and investors across Africa. We have invested heavily in the infrastructure and technology to develop our markets for investors, entrepreneurs and our region as a whole.

ALTX East Africa

ALTX East Africa is authorized to operate a securities exchange in Uganda to facilitate the buying and selling of securities. The exchange offers a self-contained, end-to-end experience and allows users to enjoy a wide range of products without leaving the ALTX ecosystem. We are committed to reducing costs, providing knowledge, and empowering the traditionally under-served.

ALTX Clearing

ALTX Clearing operates a Central Securities Depository in Uganda. The Depository offers remote account opening and powers the secure holding of investors assets, thereby enhancing the ALTX end-to-end offering. The Depository leverages advanced technology to make securities investment an easy and convenient process and bring about full financial inclusion.