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Experience investment as it should be. Products that meet your goals, convenient access, and a transparent market. Direct Market Access on ALTX is the new way to invest.

Empowering Investors


Appointments, forms, and bank lines are a thing of the past. Get what you want, when you want, with an online application, mobile money deposits, and mobile access.


What do you want out of your investments? Are you in it for one year or fifteen? How much can you afford to put away? 10k or 10 million? We have you covered. You can have it all your way.


Why stick to the same old if it isn’t giving you what you need? Take advantage of our revolutionary products to make your dreams a reality.

Built for you.

With Direct Market Access, ALTX brings the market to you, wherever or whoever you may be.

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Sign up online in minutes with a photo of your ID.


Direct Market Access platform to buy and sell securities securely.


Keep track of your investments with a simplified online account statement.


View the market and trade on the go with our mobile App (Android and IOS)


Direct Market Access to the market via USSD with payments straight from your mobile wallet.

Mobile Money

Fund your account with mobile money from any network.


Market Trading Hours

Open - 8:30AM, Close – 3:30PM

The ALTX investment experience

Hear from real people, making real investments.

Very good communication in terms of updates and performance of my investments. A timely and appropriate response to my queries and follow-up questions always. I am employed and investment in securities serves as a better business option that I can easily monitor and track.

Julius O.

Investor since 2019

We had money on our savings account that was earning about 3% per annum and I took part of it to ALTX. So ALTX has helped us earn over 5m compared to what we used to get. I have found a great team that is up to its tasks. So friendly, upholding trust with integrity. So dependable. Thank you so much team ALTX for the good job. God’s blessings.

Nicholas K.

Investor since 2018

ALTX taught me to appreciate the value of investing in securities. I have made gains from my investments and the team is always willing to explain where I have questions. The communication is efficient and on point. Thank you for being honest and patient. Teaching me to manage my different securities, giving me a say with well-equipped information in my investments.

Jacky N.

Investor since 2016

Investing in securities gives the Foundation a way to preserve its fund while growing income. I like the prompt service and readiness to advise and simplify investment options for an individual or organization.

Rachael K.

Investor since 2019

First I was recommended by a friend, but I have never regretted this decision. Self-service, transparency, and automated investments, easing the re-investment processes. Honestly, I can’t think of anything better than you are already offering! I am fully satisfied and not lacking in any way of your service.

Joseph A

Investor since 2017