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Signing up for an ALTX account is easy and straightforward. We allow the opening of accounts for private individuals, corporate entities and joint accounts. Please click on the relevant link below.

ALTX Clearing Ltd undertakes that:

i) In compliance with Rule 26(1) of the ALTX Central Securities Depository Rules, v2.0 (2016), to maintain complete confidentiality of investor data and information, except as provided by Rule 26(2) to disclose as may be directed in writing by Court, Government, Capital Markets Authority or any other regulatory or revenue authority;

ii) In compliance with Rule 27(1), of the ALTX Central Securities Depository Rules, v2.0 (2016), it shall protect the transmission and storage of data under the Central Securities Depository System from unauthorized access, manipulation and destruction; in compliance with Rule 27(2), the back-up of data stored by ALTX Clearing shall be kept in the exclusive custody of ALTX Clearing Ltd and its agents, the Issuers and Registrars; in compliance with Rule 27(3), it shall take measures to prevent access by unauthorized persons to the data and shall take adequate measures for maintenance of transaction logs and audit trails for each change in account details or in beneficial ownership of securities.

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Individual/Private Investors

Private individuals may open accounts with ALTX by signing up online. Please visit the link below, Select a Broker form our list of Member Firms,fill out all details and attach copies of valid Identification documents.

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Corporate Entities

Corporate Entities open ALTX accounts by fulfilling the criteria listed in the form linked below. The form must be fully filled in with all relevant documents attached thereon.

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Joint Accounts

The form linked below enables the opening of Joint Accounts on the ALTX Platform. The applicant should fill in the form and attach all necessary documents before submission to ALTX.

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