Listing a Company

Listing your Company

ALTX will list companies on two market segments. The larger companies will be listed on the ALTX main market while growth companies will be listed on the ALTX Growth Market segment. Each segment has its own listing requirements as indicated in the ALTX Securities Rules v2.0, Book 1 and Book 3.

If a company meets the test requirements outlined in the ALTX Growth Rules, it would be listed in the ALTX Growth Market Segment. If it exceeds the test requirements, it would qualify to be listed in the ALTX Main market.

ALTX will assist potential issuers to administer the test. Listing of structured securities and derivatives is advised in Book 2 and Book 4 of the ALTX Securities Rulebook v2.0.

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The Listing Process

The ALTX Listing Process is straight forward and can be easily and quickly completed. After submission of the required documents to ALTX, we carry out our enquiries quickly to ensure ...


Please read the ALTX Securities rulebook for full details on fees.

How Securities are traded on ALTX

Step 1: An investor is required to open an account either through an ALTX business promotion agent, on the ALTX website or through an ALTX trading member. The account can be either brokered or is...

Communication with Investors

ALTX will play multiple roles for the investor, as follows: a) offer the trading platform on which securities are offered; b) be market maker in certain transactions; c) operate the securities...

Listing Rules

Please read the ALTX Securities Rulebook V2.0 for Listing rules for both our Plain Unstructured and Structured Products.Contact us on or for the full ALTX...