The Listing Process

The Listing Process

  • An Applicant must submit a provisional Application for Admission to ALTX at least 21 Business Days prior to the intended date of Admission.
  • An Applicant must submit the following additional documents to ALTX at least 5 Business Days prior to the intended date of Admission:
    1. a duly completed and signed final Application for Admission;
    2. an electronic copy of the Approved Prospectus (or if applicable, the summary document or supplementary prospectus); and
    3. an electronic copy of the board resolution allotting the Securities which are the subject of the application (or written confirmation of allotment by an authorized representative of the Applicant pending such resolution becoming available).
  • Following Admission, an Applicant must provide written confirmation to ALTX in the event that the number of Securities issued is different from the number of proposed Securities stated in its application.
  • An Admission of Securities is effected via the issue of a Market notice by ALTX.

Enquiries by ALTX

  • ALTX may carry out any enquiries and request any further information which it considers appropriate including consultation with other regulators and stock exchanges.
  • ALTX may make acceptance of an application subject to one or more special conditions.
  • Notwithstanding compliance with the eligibility criteria, ALTX may refuse an application if in its opinion:
    1. the Admission of the Securities to which the application relates would be detrimental to investors’ interests or the integrity of the ALTX Main Board;
    2. the Issuer is in breach of, or is likely to breach, the requirements of these Rules or a special condition.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

  • An Issuer must comply with all requirements applicable to it by reason of the Listing and Admission of its Securities, and these rules (as amended from time to time by Market Notice).