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Uganda Treasury Bonds

Steady Income. Steady Wealth.

Many of you have probably borrowed money from a bank. Have you considered that you too could be a lender to a company or a government and earn money from it?

Bonds are lower risk and more stable than some of the other investment options such as stocksmaking them a good starting point inyour investment journey or an addition to your current investments.

How does it work?

When you buy a bond, the institution offering the bond will lay out certain conditions upfront including how much money they need, how long they need the money for, and how much interest they will pay you every year that they have your money. For as long as you hold the bond, you are entitled to payments at a frequency agreed upon, often twice a year.

For example, if you buy 10-year Ugandan government bonds worth UGX 1,000,000 paying a 10% interest rate, you will receive interest in two instalments a year for a total of UGX 100,000 until you sell it or it matures.

After the bond expires, you should receive your original investment (principal)in a addition to your final coupon payments.

Therefore, if you keep this bond until its maturity date, you will receive your UGX 1,000,000 and your last coupon payment.    

Kenya Treasury Bonds

Diversification. The smart strategy.

Build a a stronger foundation for your finances with Kenyan Treasury Bonds. Investing in Kenyan bonds geographically diversifies your portfolio meaning less concentrated risk for your holdings. This investment also allows you to benefit from one of the biggest economies in Africa.

ALTX is offering a range of Kenyan bonds with maturities between 4 years and 12years. These bonds are listed on ALTX in the form of Depository Receipts.
What are Depository Receipts?
A Depository Receipt (DR) represents ownership of a security. Owning a Depository Receipt gives you direct ownership of the underlying asset such as a bond or a stock and many of its benefits.
It is away for organisations to offer their securities to investors outside of the country or the market in which they are originally issued, via a local bank as a custodian.
Kenya Treasury Bonds are long-term debt securities issued by the Central Bank of Kenya on behalf of the Kenyan government. A bond functions like a loan agreement between you, the investor purchasing the bond and an issuer, the Central Bank of Kenya which is borrowing your money. In return, you will receive interest payments twice a year as well as the initial amount of money you invested when the bond matures.

Why should I invest in the Kenya Treasury bonds Depository Receipt?

A worthwhile opportunity to geographically diversify your investment portfolios into Kenya, the third largest economy on the continent and the largest in East Africa. Additionally, Government bonds are some of the most liquid assets available which means they can be easily bought and sold.

Risk Management
The risk of your investment is low because it is guaranteed by the Central Bank of Kenya which has a good track record of honouring its debts to bond investors.

Boost your sources of income with the coupon payments you receive twice a year.

Easy Access
Conveniently buy your bonds in Uganda shillings. 
Gives you access to Kenyan bonds at lower transaction costs.

Tolea Exchange Traded Fund

More Money. Less Hustle.

As an investor you are looking for products that make you money.

Fees should not eat up all your earnings, and it shouldn't take more time than you have to manage. This is where the Uganda Treasury Debt Exchange Traded Fund - or simply the ETF - by Tolea Securities comes in.  

Low effort

The Tolea ETF is passive investment at its finest.

The Tolea ETF is made up of a variety of bonds to cover a range of maturity periods and returns. The ETF automatically reinvests all interest earned, and replaces all matured securities. In other words, no more decisions about what to invest in, and what to do with your payments.

With one investment, your portfolio is sorted.

Reduced Costs

No transaction fees for reinvesting.
One transaction gives you broad exposure to the market. No need for multiple transactions to balance your portfolio.

Additionally the fund has significantly lower annual fees as compared to Management Fee charged by some unit trusts).

The ETF is one of the most affordable investment options available on the market today.

Visible Growth

Benefit from the growth in value of your shares over time.

The Tolea ETF reports a Net Asset Value daily so you can literally watch your money grow.

Buy and Sell Freely

Tolea ETF shares are freely transferable that means you are free to buy and sell your holdings at any time.

With our Direct Market Access platforms, you can log in, view the price and invest in minutes. No middlemen, no paperwork, no wait times.

What is an ETF?

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a single asset created out of a collection of existing, known and priced assets. Once formed into a single asset (ETF), it is then divided into shares which can be bought and sold on the exchange.

The Tolea ETF is made up of several Ugandan government bonds, with different maturities and returns. One investment instantly spreads out your risks and better protects your earnings.

The ETF is a security in its own right, not a fund or a trust.
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