Brokers & Traders

Private or Retail Investors

Private or Retail Investors

Investors can open securities accounts on ALTX Clearing Ltd depository through one of three methods:

1. Through a Broker/Dealer

Investors will be provided with the necessary document stipulated in the ALTX CSD procedures.

Once the Broker/Dealer is satisfied with the completeness of the documents, they will proceed to make the application on the ALTX system.

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2. Through the Smartphone access

Investors will be provided access to the depository through use of the ALTX mobile app.

The information they provide in there will be used to automatically complete the application form and confirm the account.

3. Through the ALTX Website

Investors can open an account on and are required to select a broker from our list of member firms and then print a copy of the form and deliver it to the broker before the account can be authorized for trading.