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Direct Market Access on ALTX

Direct Market Access on ALTX

ALTX enables private and retail investors to access the market and invest in any of the listed securities without the need of going through a stockbroker. Direct Market Access on ALTX is via a smartphone, tablet or a computer.

To access the market using DMA,you will be required to open a Direct Market Access account by using any of the three account opening methods hereĀ

Once your account is fully authorized, you will receive login details to the ALTX DMA platform. You can deposit money using any of the methods here The mimimum deposit amount is 10,000/=.

The money will then be reflected on your ALTX DMA trading account dashboard and you'll be ready to invest it in any of the listed securities at the prevailing market price when the market is open. The market is open on weekdays from 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

A detailed manual on how to use the ALTX DMA platform can be found hereĀ

Please note that DMA on ALTX is for only private individual accounts. Corporate, Joint and Nominee accounts can only trade through a duly licensed stock broker.