24 June 2016 | Filed under: Articles, Press Releases

After more than two years, ALTX East Africa Ltd will unveil its exchange to the press on 27th and 28th June 2016. For two days, members of the press will be given trading access on ALTX in order to experience the operation of a world-class exchange platform and the modern facilities available at ALTX.

Joseph Kitamirike, CEO, Director and co-founder of ALTX East Africa said, ‘we take pride in reaching this milestone and we are pleased to share our celebration with the press and the public. The technology we have deployed has the ability to handle 150,000 transactions per second and is one of the fastest in production in the world. We also have the ability to settle securities transactions on a Delivery versus Payment (DvP) Model within 15-20 seconds if the settlement bank we are working with has automated processes.’

The ALTX Fully Automated Trading system that is able to handle 150,000 transactions per seconds and does intrasession settlement within 15-20 seconds

Jatin Jivram, Director and co-founder of ALTX East Africa said, ‘ it is exciting to live in times like this when one can make a step change in the quality of service the public can enjoy. We look forward to serving investors of all walks and contributing to the creation of a culture of saving and investment in our region.’

Prospective investors can rest in the comfort that confirmation of transactions does not have to take multiple days, and delivery of funds and securities can take place within a day on ALTX.  ALTX is the first exchange to offer settlement in less than three days in East Africa. ALTX is indebted to its technology partners, service providers and settlement bank for the high performance benchmark that it has set in the securities market with these capabilities.