ALTX East Africa Announces Directors

04 March 2015 | Filed under: Press Releases

ALT-Xchange Ltd (ALTX East Africa) today announced it's newly constituted Board of Directors.

Following on to their earlier announcements of the GMEX Group taking a 25% stake in their parent company ALTX Africa Group Ltd and the announcement of a roadmap towards a launch, ALTX East Africa today announced the next milestone in that roadmap, the lineup of their Board of Directors.

The Board members announced are Mr. Edward Katimbo Mugwanya (Chairman), Mr. Hirander Misra, Mr. Edward Burbidge, Mrs. Rose Lubwama, Mr. Joseph S. Kitamirike, Mr. Jatin Jivram, Mr. Felix Okoboi and Dr. Francis F. Tusubira

Some of the ALTX board members at the press conference.
Some of the ALTX board members at the press conference.

"ALTX East Africa is delighted to be welcoming these new members who represent our vision of a vibrant exchange tempered by proper governance and supervision. In line with best governance practice, our board has 50% independent directors and only one executive director", says Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Kitamirike. "The experience and skills of our new members complement the strengths of our current team and will assist us as we build on our journey to become the most technically advanced securities market operator in Africa."

The new Chairman of the Board, Mr. Katimbo Mugwanya said, "My fellow board members and I are absolutely delighted to join ALTX East Africa in this daring and game changing new journey. We believe in this dream for an Africa of interconnected exchanges driving the growth of our continent. We are fully  commited to bringing our experience to bear to make this truly unique venture a shining success."