17 June 2019 | Filed under: Market Notices

We would like to notify ALTX Investors and the general public of changes to investor accounts, effective immediately.

Rock Financial Services LTD. (ROCK) has chosen to exit the brokerage business and, as a result, all ROCK clients will have their accounts converted to the ALTX Mobile account format. ROCK accounts will be deactivated and all future trading activities will be carried out on the new active MOBIL accounts.

MOBIL clients will be able to:

1.     Place their own orders via our Utrade online platform on the computer.
2.     Take advantage of our brand new app ALTX Mobi, currently available to Android users.
3.     Get the support on the trading platform directly from us here at ALTX.

The only change current investors can expect is a slight modification to their investor PIN. The PIN will now indicate MOBIL rather than ROCKU as shown below.


Old PIN (deactived accounts): 000000XXXXROCKU800
New PIN (active accounts): 000000XXXXMOBIL800

This change will be carried out without any input from the accountholder, but we advise that all investors make a note of the new number for their convenience as all ROCK based numbers shall be phased out over time.

In order to ensure minimal disruptions to trading activities, switching to the MOBIL configuration has been planned to take until the end of September 2019.

After this change, the market shall be notified of the brokerage options available. Those investors who will prefer to have a broker operate their account shall be requested to apply to ALTX Clearing Ltd in writing to have the account transferred to a broker of their choice.

This change will not affect investor holdings or the accounts in any other way.

If you still have any questions about your account, please get in touch via:

Phone: +256 312 209 600

Once again, thank you for choosing ALTX for your investments. We are here to support your goals and hope to provide you with an unrivalled trading and investment experience going forward.

Thank you,
The ALTX East Africa Team